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How We Serve


Community Garden

We are seeking volunteers to assist with reinventing the space - several acres - into an asset that can speak to and serve the community in which it is located. Most urgently, we seek to clear the property of trash, debris, and overgrown vegetation. We aim to create and maintain an urban farm and community garden - one that will ensure our neighbors have access to fresh vegetables in their daily diet.


Neighborhood Restoration

Community redevelopment and restoration is a key concern of the AIOC. We aim to serve those around us most in need. We focus specifically on zip codes: 75215, 75216, 75217, 75227, and 75241. Our contribution includes removing graffiti, clearing vacant lots, attending parks, and assisting elderly and disabled neighbors -- disabled veterans, particularly. In doing so, our mission closes the gap between those who can and those who need most. 

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Sober Living Recovery

Our sober living recovery program extends a place for members of the community to live and begin to rebuild their lives following their stay in a highly structured inpatient substance abuse treatment facility. They are required to pay a nominal rent, maintain a job, attend AA and/or NA classes, meet with mental health providers, make a curfew, and donate time volunteering in the community. The structure and reintegration into the community offers an opportunity to reimagine their lives and the way they interact with their community, their families, and ultimately themselves.

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Clinical Research

We welcome you to learn more about our Community Research Partnership Program focused on improving sobriety maintenance through progressive interventions tailored to the realities of alcohol and drug recovery. We conduct specialized clinical research collaborating with residents in a sober living facility to explore ways to better support lasting recovery after treatment. To refer patients or learn more about participation/collaboration opportunities with this promising research, please contact Jacob E. Oliver (MD, 2024).

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