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Act in our community

We are more than a non-profit. We are a direct action group dedicated to community restoration, social engagement, and fighting hunger in Southeast Dallas. Through our recovery facility, community garden, and urban farm we aim to bridge the gap between donors and our on-the-ground efforts to make maximum impact. 

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Building the bridge
between individuals & corporate donors

We want to change lives - and we want to do it right here in the community we live, Dallas.

Act In Our Community is a new breed of nonprofit, bringing together best practices from both corporate and nonprofit organizations. We take pride in being nimble, dynamic, and proactive. We have no legacy costs and no calcified notions of how things should be done. Most of all, we are results-driven, seeking to find the most effective and efficient ways to achieve the largest impact possible. We strive for organic growth within our organization and to affect lasting improvement in the community we call home. In doing so, we aim to bridge the gap between what we are and what can be as a community - bringing out the very best in us all. 


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Our community partners

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Can’t donate your time but still want to support your community?

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